A plunge pool is not unlike a regular swimming pool, except that it is filled with completely cold water. Though this may seem like a new idea to you, the concept has actually been around for centuries. Plunge pools have been used in Chinese medicine for a huge part of recorded history and were actually popular in Ancient Rome, as well.

Plunge pools also have an additional feature of exercising. For e.g. if you are thinking of taking swim laps, but don’t really have the place to install a swimming pool, you can consider plunge pool designs. You can get some resistance jets in the water to be able to swim in one place, or do the laps without them as well. You can also do other exercises in the pool.

When it comes to plunge pool design, lighting and heating form an important part. If your pool is directly under the sun, without any trees, you would really not need a complicated heating system for your pool. If not, you will have to buy a heating system. If you want to save some money, you can try out solar heating panels.


Today’s plunge pools can be outfitted with a number of features to cater to your lifestyle and your needs.  Much like a hot tub, these pools can be equipped with jets that can be targeted to massage and ease your sore, aching muscles, and they can also feature a “whirlpool effect”.  Avid swimmers who lack the space for a lap pool but still want a great workout can have resistance jets installed into their plunge pool.

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